We focus on the wholesale of y-Butyrolactone for businesses and industries.

Because we are capable of very large imports we can offer quality against a fair price.
If your business want to order at our Firm the minimum order quanity is 1 metric ton.

UAB Clean and Solve sells three different types of y-Butyrolactone CAS:96-48-0.

  • Pharma grade material manufactured in Germany
  • Technical grade material 1 manufactured in China
  • Technical grade material 2 manufactured in India

All three types have the highest purity available.

With all orders is shipped a certificate of analysis.
Also we do supply a (eSDS) extended safety data sheet.

We only accept payments from businesses trough a valid business bank account.

We can offer sea freight, land freight and air freight shipments.

y-Butyrolactone is critical for manufacturing high tech products and currently we have no known substitutes. GBL and BDO are routinely used in a number of cleaning, dissolving, semiconductor and other manufacturing applications:

  • carrier solvent in lithography process formulations
  • photoresist
  • antireflective coating
  • polyimide
  • photosensitive polyimide developer
  • chemical shrink
  • metal hard mask
  • active agent in edge bead removal
  • removal of paint
  • removal of grease
  • removal of oil
  • removal of glue
  • removal of enamel
  • removal of ink
  • removal of rust
  • cleaning of printheads
  • cleaning of PCBs
  • stripping of wood
  • photoresist stripper
  • polyimide adhesive
  • semiconductor directed self-assembly
  • display orientation coating products
  • printed circuit boards
  • level sensors
  • flow meters
  • thermo-controllers
  • LCD monitors
  • removal of resin
  • removal of chewing gum
  • removal of weeds biodegradable method
  • removal of graffiti
  • removal of nail polish
  • cleaning of brakes
  • solvent for polymers
  • cleaning of light alloy wheels